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Creative Practice Workshop

Learn the Basics & Start Working



This rhythmic workshop, decorated with our personal touch, is packed with both experiential and practical knowledge that will be easily integrated into daily professional use.

Get ready for 2 energetic days of diverse techniques for different target audiences, and a creative practice of three Points of You® tools –The Coaching Game, Punctum and Faces.

2 days, start at 10:00 AM,
end at 6:00 PM

1370€ Participation Fee
incl. Tools and Materials

minimum 6,
maximum 10 participants


The Creative Practice Workshop is for people who

  • have already attended the Hello Points Workshop and would like to delve even deeper into the methodology of Points of You®.
  • are active in consulting and education, such as trainers, coaches, psychologists, consultants, educators and teachers.
  • would like to add another Points of You® tool to their method kit.
  • want to inspire and train other professionals for Points of You®.

Who is this Workshop for?

Dates & Registration

What Will I Learn?

The Power of photos
An introduction to the language of today’s world – the empowering language of Photos.

Points of You® Method
Learn the 4 simple steps of our unique method.

The Potential Me with Faces
A new version of our best selling process with the eye-opening cards of Faces. After experiencing the process we will teach you useful techniques and practice various adaptations.

A full day of Frequently Used Activities
Take part in creative ice breakers, feedback activities, an interview process and more.

Layout Charts – Create your own
Build your personal workshop based on a Points of You®secret ingredient – Our Layout Charts.

Level 2 Training includes:

Training Live Workshop

Creative Practice

2 Tage, 16 Stunden


1 Online Kurs

How to facilitate the

Hello Points Workshop

2 Hours

+ L.1 Facilitator e-Booklet


Points of You® Tools

The Coaching Game




Creative Practice Pack

Workshop Booklet


L.2 exclusive set of cards

Goody Bag

Canvas Bag

Certification Benefits

L.2 Certificate of Attendance

Certification of completion title:

Points of You® Practitioner



18 CCEUs from ICF

Dates & Registration

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I'd like to know more

Since 2016 I have been working with Points of You® Tools. What I love most about Points of You® is how they intuitively connect people of all ages - with themselves and with others.

I completed my training with Points of You® in 2018 and have been leading training courses for Points of You® in German-speaking countries ever since.