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Tobias Feitkenhauer, September 5 2019

5 Reasons for Points of You®

Points of You® is more than The Coaching Game, Punktum and Faces. It is also an international community of trainers, coaches and therapists. I wanted to know why they love to work with the methodology and tools. Here are their answers.

„It was love in first sight for me when I saw Points of You® on Facebook. I instinctively decided to go to Poland for Level 3 training. When I first played with the cards, I felt the magic immediately. I’ve been using this magic for more than 3 years now. These cards are great soul openers. They help people to go into a totally different state of mind which is more creative, more open, more honest and more to the point. One can always find the answers for all the questions they face using Points of You® cards, that’s what these cards special for me.“

Hatice Dalagan, Certified Trainer, Turkey - https://www.linkedin.com/in/hatice-dalagan-cetin-5ba5433/

„I’m using Points of You tools for coaching sessions or for any kind of workshops. It makes me happy every time! Cards are very efficient tools to create meaningful dialogues between the participants. They reveal declivities, provoke insights, increase awareness. People make steps ahead in a safe and confident atmosphere. I love seeing people take decisions and get a step closer towards their wishes and goals!“ 

Corinne Moret, Certified Trainer, France - www.metamoti-coaching.com

„The first time I experience Points of You® two years ago, I felt there was a kind of magic behind it that intrigued me. What I love most about the tools is: 1. The flowing and natural way these tools promote authentic communication in any profile group, age and gender, 2. The flexibility and versatility behind the tool and the methodology that allows you to work deep and in an introspective way about any topic or subject, 3. It is a tool that promote insights, reflections and most of all individual and collective transformation that we can easy put in practice with an action plan.“

Núria Mendoza - Psychological coach, Trainer and Country Leader Points of You Portugal - www.meraqi.pt 

„I work primarily with leaders and their teams, and I find that when I use the Points of You games with teams they experience greater connection with each other as human beings, and this often surprises and delights the participants, even when they have been working together for a long time. I love these games because they help people bypass the usual analytical way of processing and open a door to more intuitive exploration and bringing forth unexpected insights and possibilities for whatever topic they are exploring.

One participant recently shared that The Coaching Game was “Powerful & Fun! Seemingly easy, the photos game moved the conversation into a deep level of expression and connection with my partner. I gained great insight into a current issue and what is holding back from the ideal.”  Another shared, “Listening is difficult for some. It helped me with my personal journey, which was unexpected. I was surprised how deep my partner went.” 

People are surprised at how these games make it easier to tap into their creativity and see things from new perspectives. “I never dreamed looking at and discussing photos to gain insight could be so helpful and powerful. I got more out of it than I expected!” reported another participant. It may seem like magic when one experiences the impact of playing these games, but it is really all about how our brains are wired and how to make use of our whole brain, not just the logical side we tend to value more at work. 

Tina R. Shaw, PCC, USA - www.strengthspartner.com 

„What would you think if you were looking for a tool for your work and you found a whole philosophy that positively changed your life? That is what happened to me when I traveled to Poland to become certified in Points of You. My work as a researcher in Applied Creativity led me to this wonderful world, attracted by its powerful images and its magical influence ... The application in all types of professional fields, from education to executive coaching, innovation programs and even accompaniment in cases of Alzheimer's was a spectacular experience; but the really revealing has been the professional growth and development experienced in my own person. Different, innovative, friendly and inspiring.“

Panxo Barrera, Master and Country Leader of Points of You Spain, Spain - www.entropiacreatividad.com

If you want to learn more about Points of You®, visit the Academy Page or send me a message

Written by

Tobias Feitkenhauer


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