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Tobias Feitkenhauer, August 23 2019

10 ways to use Points of You Tools

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When and Where can I use Points of You® Tools? That was the question I asked some members of the Points of You® Tribe. The result are 10 creative ways to use Coaching Game & Co for your work, but also for your private use. Many thanks to Bozena, GerritMagdalena & Melanie for your inspiration!

1. Define the gap between reality and expectation

Field of application: Organizational development

I use Points of You® at the beginning of my work with a team or individual. With the maps, I first let the clients work out an overview of the current status of the company/team and then a common objective for the organizational development process.

2. Get to know yourself better

Field of application: coaching, personal development, team development

The tools offer a good approach to define strengths and weaknesses or one's own self-image in the process alone or with the team. 

3. Give feedback

Field of application: Team development

With the tools, the feedback process can be managed in a group in a structured way. The cards give the feedback providers the opportunity to support their feedback in a visual way. 

4. Express feelings and emotions

Field of application: Coaching

I use the cards to help clients express their feelings through one or more cards.

5. Talk about success and difficulties 

Field of application: Family

I really enjoy using Points of You® Tools at home with my kids. Once a week I let them choose a card for dinner, and then they tell me what it was like for them at school: They use their card to tell me what worked for them and what was difficult for them at school this week. The children love it.

6. In Recruitment

Field of application: Recruitment

I also use Points of You® cards in the recruitment process. First, I let the candidates select a card and ask them to tell me how they can contribute to the company. Second, they choose another card and explain what they need from the company. It works great and creates a lot of insight.

7. With teenagers

Field of application: school, youth work

I use Points of You® Tools with teenagers. They create the space to express themselves and be heard. This encourages the teens to talk openly about themselves, their hopes, fears, goals, etc. The tools make it easier for them to put their thoughts into words and the methodology creates a safe space to actually talk openly about themselves.

8. In family therapy 

Field of application: Therapy

In family therapy I work with groups of parents of addicted children. Using the methodology, we visualize the challenges they face as families. The different parents recognize that each family has similar problems. Together we then work out approaches to these problems. 

9. In staff appraisals

Field of application: Team development 

I often use it at the beginning of my employee interviews to see where my employees are at the moment. Especially to make visible what worked for them in the previous month and what they want to do next month.

10. Icebreaker

Field of application: training, team development

I use the tools as icebreakers. For this I let each person draw a card. The first person starts a story with two sentences and every other person builds on this story with their card. So everyone gets into conversation right from the start. 

Written by

Tobias Feitkenhauer

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